Justin Gravante

  • Xfinity Go App

  • TV subscriptions are very complex, and quite often that complexity is surfaced to people as they try and chill with TV. The endless amount of choices and the restrictions with 'if', 'where', and 'when' I can watch it have degraded the product experience. This gave us our mission. Leading the mobile product design team, we looked to solve this problem by simplifying and keeping personalized content as the hero in an experience with little restrictions. We cut the cord for our customers and they loved us for it.
  • Download shows and movies to-go

  • In a mobile context, we learned that the reliability could only be as good as the network. If the network is unreliable, our product is too. To help customers have the most seamless experience possible out of the home, on the airplane, in the car … anywhere … we introduced the ability to download shows and movies to work offline. Sounds simple enough, but there are constraints that could easily disrupt or complicate the experience. To understand how and why people will download content, we started with personas, their motivations and expectations. We mapped their journey and designed simple, proactive interactions that made this process as invisible as possible. The result was a feature not as a bolt-on, but as an integrated capability that had any barriers become opportunities to assist.
  • Experience drives business value

  • Designing a simple, personal and reliable TV experience created loyalists and even advocates for Xfinity. Sure people have their gripes with Comcast, but the Xfinity Go app proved that creating products people love builds business and brand value through authentic and sustainable engagement. We accomplish this by keeping people at the center of our process and products.
  • The Team:
  • Mobile Product Design Lead, UX, UI & Art Direction:
    Justin Gravante
  • Product Design
    Gene Kernan, Henken Bean, Andrew Evans, Brianna Roberts
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