Justin Gravante

  • Xfinity Cloud TV App

  • As peoples watching behavior shifted away from schedules and the living room, we looked to stay relevant by meeting people where they are with more personal, tailored and flexible ways to watch. Our mobile focused team had a lot of positive momentum coming off the heels of the much loved Xfinity OnDemand app in 2012 and we used this traction to continue designing more personal, mobile experiences throughout 2013. Only this time, it was designing an ecosystem, collaborating with set top box and PC teams to create a more fluid TV experience across all the screens in a persons life. The Xfinity Cloud TV App was designed to be the personal touchpoint in this new TV platform.
  • Live TV is still hero in the experience

  • Curation, anticipation and serendipity is hard to replace in a purely OnDemand world. This is where Live TV shines, but there was friction in the experience. When we spoke with customers, no one told us they didn’t like their TV guide grid. It was familiar, and they were used to it ... however, when we observed them using their TV, we saw a different story. With over 1000 channels on Live TV, finding what to watch becomes nothing less than a chore. Our approach was to design a more focused, visual and tactile view on top of what they already know. This was the opportunity to delight our customers with a new experience without disrupting standard convention.
  • The power of putting product in the hands of customers as early and frequent as possible

  • When it comes to TV, it's something we all experience and use everyday, so we all have baggage. Real insights needed to drive our ideas and design. To help our team step back from our bias, perspectives, and ensure we validate our assumptions, we worked in lean sprints supported by a in-house research lab to create, observe and iterate our way into designing simple, yet delightful interactions.
  • After all, finding what to watch should be just as fun as watching it, on any screen, anywhere people want to watch it.
  • The Team:
  • Mobile Product Design Lead, UX, UI & Art Direction:
    Justin Gravante
  • Product Design & Prototype
    Gene Kernan, Henken Bean, Andrew Evans, Jesse Mullen
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